Golden future

Golden future is a new multi level marketing company which is having free registration and if you join today, you will get daily level income on your free id for 2 days.

This income company will add in your fund wallet so you can redeem 10% of the income on each member ID activation.

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Company is having 5 different packages to join from starting from 200rs.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Golden future is giving you opportunity to earn from 5 different types of income. Also company is having 5 different packages so according to your budget, you can join the company and earn the income.

Company is giving you amazing opportunity to join as well as earn good income from the system.

2. Business plan

GOlden future is giving you opportunity to join from five different types of packages. Starting from 200rs and going till 4000rs packages.

According to your budget, you can think to join the company.

golden future business plan

3. Types of income

Company is giving you opportunity to earn from 5 different types of income.

  • Daily cash back income
  • Daily level income
  • Direct income
  • Lucky scratch income
  • Franchise income
golden future types of income

1. Daily cash back income

This income is completely against the Indian direct selling guidelines. No business plan can have income which is giving more than what you paid to join the company.

It is a miscalculated or impractical business strategy and there is no logic supporting this kind of Return on investment.

Note : It is a guideline not a rule in India that’s why these ROI companies like Golden future can launch such business plan. Please don’t invest money without completely studying about owners experience, legal details, office details, business plan long term probability and other factors. You invest on your own risk.

golden future daily cashback income

Above picture shows company is giving you 30rs per day for next 10 days if you join with 200rs. Total of 600rs return on 200rs package, is that possible?

Practically NO. But if people join in bulk, initial members get the money and later period people get scammed. This is history of these kind of mlm companies in India. Bikebot SCAM major example, Google this company.

2. Daily level income

Here company is giving you opportunity to earn from 7 different levels.

daily level income

Level 1 gives you 2.5% commission of same package for 10 days. Company is giving 2% commission from level 2 and 3 members. Similarly till 7th level, company will give you level income.

3. Daily income

You can do unlimited number of directs in the system, company gives you 5% commission on each direct sponsor.

direct income

4. Lucky scratch income

Here company is giving you opportunity to earn scratch income if you do 55 direct sponsors within 7 days. You will get 50 rs to 1000rs for next 10 days.

golden future lucky scratch income

5. Franchise income

Company is giving you extra fund like extra pins in most of the companies if you do bulk purchase. If you deposit bulk fund of 5000rs, you will get 200 rs extra. That means on purchasing 25 id’s together, you will get 1 free id.

4. Terms and conditions

From our review, this company is giving non calculable and un predicted incomes which don’t have a base. It may be a big scam. Please take right guidance to invest your money online. Never invest in anything which you don’t have knowledge in. Stay aware. Be safe.

terms and conditions

You read about Golden future business plan, Stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.


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