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Go Founder, NO ROI, NO Crowd funding, NO Autopool, NO MLM, then also you can earn millions from this platform.

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What is the source? How can a person can earn such good amount but not from MLM. How can you do that ?

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

No MLM concept, Go founder is a IT company which is working on a traditional way to give you an amazing platform to earn income.

On passive is completely automated and is using AI technology.

A team is leaded by a great leader and here are the achievements of a great leader. Ash mufareh, CEO and founder of On Passive.

on passive ceo

Many Youtube channel is saying he is Family man!! And also he is having a wife.

We are not saying, many you tube channels are displaying the same thing again and again like it’s a joke.

What are the products of the company ? What company is giving?
Yes, below you can see the products and services provided by On passive.

on passive products

2. Business Plan

On passive joining amount is $97, in Indian rupees it comes to a total of INR 9086 including GST.

business plan

You will become the founder member of the company by paying this amount to the company.

3. Types of income

Main question comes, what i will get after giving 9 thousand rupees.

So let’s look into the types of income.

types of income

ConnectMe is a application which gives you an opportunity to video conference with 10,000 people at a time with no limit.

Company will promote your link and all the traffic which comes from your link will come in your downline. Go founder will do digital marketing and affiliate marketing from that 9 thousand rupees.

After promotion, traffic will come in your down, similarly person in your down will get 3 ids in their down respectively.

From this company, you will get down line from the company and not by your work.

If you upgrade your package to bigger amount, you will get income from older as well as new package that is double amount. Being an auto fill matrix, you don’t need to work in company.

on passive income algorithm

To know what we think about this system, Contact us @9870763481 or Whatsapp at same number.

You can also email us at shubham@theyaksgroup.com


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