Glolif is a new product based binary plan which is going to launch in Indian markets. Company is giving binary matching income and product which is claiming to be very good for health.

With a motive to provide good quality product at reasonable rate, company is expanding their network and reaching more people.

To Visit Glolif Official website [ Click here ]

Showing all legal documents, company wants to prove there is no need for any additional questioning required. You can check their legal documents in this website as it is available online for everyone.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business Plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Glolif is having a diversified plan where binary, reward and generation income all are present. You can earn from binary income also and repurchase of your downline also.

Repurchase income is till 15 generations which we will discuss in the blog.

Glolif vision and mission

2. Legal documents

Company is showing all their legal document so there stays no confusion. If you are from anywhere in India, you can check all the documents. PAN card and certificate of incorporation is attached below.

Glolif legal documents

3. Products

To join the company or associate your business with them, you need INR 1000. With this amount you can join the company and start earning from it.

Below image will tell you about the product and it’s benefits!

You can purchase this product for 999rs. With all the amazing health benefits, you can take good advantage of it.


4. Types of income

Company is providing you four types of income which are all listed below :

  • Matching income 20%
  • 10% of sponsor matching income
  • Award and rewards
  • Generation or Repurchase income
types of income

1. Matching income

Glolif will give you 200 rs matching income. When your left and right side have 1 new pv, you will get a pair match income of 200rs.

Capping in the system is of 2,000 rs per day.

matching income

If you want to increase your capping amount and want to earn more from the company every day. You can upgrade your id with higher package amount. All packages are listed below.

upgrade for income capping plan

2. Sponsored income

Here company is giving you sponsor binary income of 10%. What ever binary income your sponsor will earn, you will get extra 10% of that amount as sponsor binary income.

Let say if you sponsor raj and raj earn 400rs binary income so your income will be 40rs from his matching income.

Glolif sponsored income

3. Award and reward

Glolif is giving you rewards according to the target you achieve. When you do 10 pair matching, you will get cash bonus of 1000rs.

Similarly on rest of the targets which you can see below, you will get more cash reward bonus and rank from the company.

4. Generation income

From self purchase you will get 15% benefit. Level 1 purchase will give you 10% benefit. From rest of the levels you will get percentage commission whenever somebody will buy products.

Till 15 levels, you will get generation income.

generation income


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