global dream life

Global dream life is a new multi level marketing company which is going to give everyone a new opportunity to earn income in this duration of covid 19 lockdown.

Company is having very low joining amount which is of 500rs and it is investing money in different market.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Company’s goal is to earn from short term trading and distribute profits in the market to the associates.

Global dream life is involved in forex trading, crypto trading, mining and stock trading.

global dream life trading

If you invest money in this company, you may get multiple types of income which company is claiming.

2. Business Plan

Planning to join the company or associate your business with it, joining amount in the company is INR 500.

global dream life business plan

With only 500 rs you can join the system and start earning from it. Isnt’ it cheap? I think it is very cheap for an mlm package but it’s okay may be company is having vision to cover larger audience.

3. Types of income

Global dream life is giving you multiple types of income to earn from.

  • Daily Growth income
  • Direct referral income
  • Growth income
  • Franchise income
  • Funds

1. Daily Growth income

Company is giving you daily growth income 17 rs daily for 90 days which totals to an amount of INR 1530.

Now according to Indian direct selling guidelines, this income is not legitimate since company is distributing more money then it is receiving.

Still if you think it is good and it is profitable for company is distribute thrice the amount of what it is charging from public, you may think for the next step.

2. Direct referral income

Here company will give you referral income whenever you will direct sponsor somebody in the network.

Your first direct referral in the system will earn you INR 50. From your second sponsor, you will get 50rs and so on which you can check in below image.

direct referral income

3. Growth income

Growth income is a type of level income where when you give joining on your different levels, you will get different amount from the company.

growth income

If you give a joining on level 1, you will get 5 rs from the company. When you give 2 joining’s on your level 4th, you will get 20rs from the company.

4. Team building income

This is an actual level income which you can earn from the company.

From level 1, you can earn 2.5 rs. Level 2 can give you 3 rs and so on till 15 levels you can earn level income from the company.

global dream life team building income

5. Royalty income

Global dream life is also giving you royalty bonus if you do the specific number of directs. On doing 6 direct sponsors, you will get 75 rs income. When you do 10 directs, you get 150 rs income.

So on till 500 directs you will get 47500rs from last target when you do in 90 days.

royalty income

Apart from these company is giving few funds which are explained below.

Company is giving you car fund. If you do 5 direct sponsors within 2 days, you will get 2% from company turnover if you are the solo achiever.

Let say you do 10 direct sponsors within 7 days, you will get 3% from company’s turnover if you are the solo achiever.

Above you can see what you will get in luxury fund and what is the condition to achieve it. Yes, 20 direct sponsors in 7 days will make you eligible to take luxury fund.

If you take multiple pins from the company at bulk, you will get extra free pins from the company.

global dream life franchise offer

Above you can see, 10 pins will get you 1 pin free, 25 pins will get you 2 pins free and so on till 500 pins.

Hope you got to know everything about global dream life business plan, stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.


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