Product based companies like GLMG in direct selling industry comes with a long term vision. Most of the direct selling companies in Top 10 biggest revenue generator are product based ventures.

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GLMG is a company running since Feb 2018, now introducing product based multi level marketing plan which is giving you a massive opportunity to earn through direct selling.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Products
  4. Business plan
  5. Types of income

1. Overview

GLMG company director Mr. Lakhvinder singh is quite popular and successful in MLM industry.


Thinking together is a Beginning
Staying together is a Progress
Working together is a Success

Mr. Lakhvinder Singh ( M.d )

2. Legal documents

GLMG Certificate of incorporation.

GLMG certificate of incorporation

Here are their other legal documents.


3. Products

GLMG deal in healthcare and personal care products.

GLMG products

Also in FMCG, Organic agriculture and animal husbandry.

GLMG more products list

GLMG Anti drugs aimed products.

anti drugs products.

4. Business plan

GLMG business plan is quite unique,interesting and efficient.

GLMG business plan

Few points to ponder about.

  • 1 P.V = INR 2500/-
  • Tds 5% PAN
  • Tds 20% without PAN card
  • Maintainence charges will be 5%.

5. Types of income

GLMG providing you an opportunity to earn from types of income.

GLMG  types of income
  • Retail profit 10-25%
  • Direct sponsor 10%
  • Matching bonus 10%
  • Reward income 1500 – 5Cr.
  • Travel fund 3%
  • Car fund 4%
  • House fund 4%

Three packages are available for you to join the GLMG family.

  • Welcome category : INR 2500/-
  • Distributor category : INR 7500/-
  • Senior category : INR 10,000/-
GLMG  retail sales

When you do retail sales of 10 P.V i.e., 25,000/- in your right and left leg both, you will get 2500/- matching bonus.

Direct sponsor income INR 500/- is given to you as soon as you sponsor one associate in both of your legs.

Reward income

GLMG  reward income

On the given number of P.V matchings you will be awarded with certain rewards.

Travel fund

travel fund

When you achieve 60 P.V matching in your right and left leg, you will be awarded 3% of your team as travel fund.

Car fund

car fund

When you achieve 250 P.V matching in your right and left leg, you will be awarded 4% of your team as car fund.

House fund

house fund

When you achieve 1100 P.V matching in your right and left leg, you will be awarded 4% of your team as house fund.


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