Generation vs binary + repurchase

Generation Vs Binary + Repurchase is almost similar as per many networkers but the reality is completely different. Both modules are upside down, sky and ground, both are unique and perfectly designed.

We are going to discuss about these modules in detail so you will be having no doubts about the difference in generation plan and binary + repurchase plan.

As we know, generation and repurchase shares same ground i.e., product purchasing multiple times. But the word binary adds new meaning to the complete term.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Factors to differentiate Generation Vs Binary + Repurchase

1. Overview

We will discuss on the basis of 9 major factors where you will be clear about basic structure of both of these plans.

2. Factors to differentiate Generation Vs Binary + Repurchase

Let’s start with the list of factors which we have for you today so you can understand this concept easily.

  1. Tree structure
  2. Spill Over
  3. Number of front liner
  4. Initial income pattern
  5. Package Based
  6. Long term stability
  7. Capping
  8. Popularity amongst leaders
  9. Distribution rating stability for company

1. Tree structure

Generation plan have unlimited number of legs. There is no specific number like 2 leg or 3 positions to fill up. User can open “N” number of legs in frontline.

Binary + Repurchase is having 2 leg structure. This indicates there is only 2 members in your level 1, third member is going to be placed below 1st or 2nd position in your down line.

2. Spill Over

Spill over is the concept where your sponsor is placed below any of your existing down line since there is no empty slot left in your level 1.

In Generation plan, there is no spill over as we came across the factors above, there are ‘N’ number of legs. When we talk about Binary + Repurchase, definitely yes, there is spill over because it is 2 leg structure.

3. Number of front liner

This term denotes how many members can join your level 1. In Binary + Repurchase, your level 1 contains 2 members. Generation plan have unlimited number of associate in their frontline.

4. Initial income pattern

Let’s look into the income earning period or we can say, at what rate leaders earn income in one of these two patterns.

Generation plan is ” Slow paced ” for most of the leaders according to survey where as Binary + Repurchase is ” Fast mover “.

We will discuss about it’s reasons in next points.

5. Package based

Company is having package based joining or product based?

Generation companies mostly don’t have packages whereas binary plus repurchase is generally package based systems.

Product based means from their shoppe / franchise or E-commerce website, you can purchase any product of your choice and join their company with a certain amount of BV behind that product.

Q. Why product based is slow paced and package based is quick in terms of income earned by associates?

When associate joins with a certain package, company gets 3,000, 5000 or 15000 or whatever the package amount is. Point to notice is the value, company gets bigger amount so they distribute income easily.

Whereas in product based, even if you purchase multiple products and your down line purchase some, margins are very low. Due to this income distribution is very slow in that comparison.

6. Long term stability

This is a term which have multiple factors. You all have knowledge about what drives a business. Money ? Yes but money comes from knowledge, leaders, sales trainings, awareness, products, legalities and multiple other factors.

Generation plans are slow paced but long term , associate needs to spend at least 2-3 years consistently working to bring distributors in the company.

But let say he brings minimum of 100 active distributors in 2 years than he don’t need to run for new associates everyday, he is going to earn from their repurchase every month.

Worst case : If some month, you are not capable to join a single person, still you will earn income from the repurchase of existing down line.

Binary + Repurchase plan are also long term plans based on the positive factor of repurchase. No new joining’s can also benefit the hardworking networker every month.

This gives company a stability to grow and more positive environment amongst the down line.

7. Capping

Capping is the a limit, maximum amount which you can earn from the company in a particular day. If your commission amount surpass the capping limit then the extra income goes to company’s profit.

Generation plan don’t have capping limits, associates can earn as much as they want since the distribution is already fixed. There is no condition generation plan can go in loss due to over joining’s like binary.

In Binary + Repurchase, Binary income have capping but repurchase income don’t and logic is same. Binary income is having a potential to un stabilise the company’s income distribution sector that’s why a limit is created.

Next in line for Generation Vs Binary + Repurchase clarification is which is more popular amongst most leaders.

8. Popularity amongst leaders

Every body have different opinions in this part and it is very much possible that you may think this factor in other way.

As per the survey , generation plan is having 3/5 points and binary + repurchase is having 4.5/5. Now this can be due to factors we discussed above.

Stability, income generation, team management and many other prime factors derives this result.

9. Distribution stability rating for company

From company’s POV, how income is distributed amongst leaders from the business they generated from themselves or their down line.

Generation plans have the most stable distribution method where everything is pre defined and users get income according to their work.

I hope you got all the values you were looking for, all the answers for Generation Vs Binary + Repurchase.

Stay tuned for more knowledge based Blogs.


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