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Forum mart is a new product based multi level marketing company which is here with it’s single leg business plan.

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As we all know most of the mlm companies with single leg plan is already closed, but this company is claiming to run more and give people an opportunity for career.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Forum mart is a new single leg concept which is newly launched and you have an early bird opportunity to get id in the starting of the company.

forum mart reviews

Here you have a good chance to earn from non working auto pool income.

Company’s shopping portal is going to provide you multiple services and you are going to get big discounts through the shopping portal.

forum mart shopping portal

Forum mart is having their own shopping portal and this company is giving good support to all the members.

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join the company or associate your business with Forum mart, joining amount is INR 850.

business plan

This amount is including GST and after paying this amount you can join this system and earn lots of income according to your potential.

3. Types of income

Company is giving you eight types of income to earn from.

  • Direct income
  • Level income
  • Single leg income
  • Daily Level income
  • Royalty income
  • Franchise income
  • Auto pool income
  • Repurchased income
types of income

1. Direct income

Forum mart is giving you INR 50 direct income that is whenever you join somebody in the network, you will earn 50 rs direct commission.

direct income

You can do unlimited amount of sponsors in the system and you are going to earn as much money you want.

2. Level income

This company is also giving you a chance to earn from your referals work.
You will get level income from level 1 to level 10 that is each member joining upto level 10 gives you a certain amount of money.

level income

From level 1 you will get 10 rs per person, level 2 gives you 5rs whereas level 3 gives you 4 rs and similarly upto level 10 where you get 0.5 rs per joining.

3. Single leg income

Here non working income is also provided to you by the company.

forum mart single leg income

You can see the table of how much you can earn from this company if you don’t even work after your joining.

Here it is a small condition to make it realistic so company can survive long enough. You have to do a required number of direct to take incomes from each level as mentioned.

4. Daily level income

This company is giving you daily ROI income upto 10 levels. Yes!

Single leg company with a wide variety of incomes that is very rare.

forum mart daily level income

5. Royalty income

Here company is giving you some part or portion from company’s turn over ( CTO ).

If you work and get your team to that mentioned level, you will start getting company’s royalty forever.

6. Franchise income

When you bulk purchase pins from the company, then company will give you some extra pins for free.

If you buy 20 pins together then company will give you 1 pin for free, similarly for 50 pins and 120 pins.

7. Auto pool income

Forum mart is also giving you auto pool income after single leg and daily level income.

Here you will make income from the matrix filled. Whenever you will earn a total of 3000rs then 500 rs will be deducted from your wallet.

You will enter in this auto pool and start earning from this global autopool.

Remember this is a company auto fill so all the new members in the network who achieve 3000rs condition will join in your down line automatically.

4. Terms and conditions

Hope you got the best learning’s from this business plan, Stay tuned for more upcoming plans.


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