Forsage, Lions share, Hexxa and many other companies are claiming to be completely decentralised. A system with no owner. It can never close.

Wait a minute..” It can never close? “

The answer to this is ” NO “. It Can Close.

SCAM can take place in any manner, in any organisation whether big or small, whether eBiz or Future maker.

Decentralised systems are completely running through internet and as we all are told that decentralised systems doesn’t get closed because there is no person or group of individuals running this system.

It’s True, it is decentralised, but what’s not TRUE is it can’t be closed.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Why it can’t be closed ?
  3. How it can close ?
  4. But Forsage is 100% Decentralised?
  5. What happens if Government bans this domain? What will happen to money circulation?
  6. Trust wallet doing SCAM?
  7. Watch complete video explanation.

1. Overview

As we all are aware of the news that the Government of India has banned 59 Chinese mobile applications due to degrading country’s relationship.

Applications including top social media platforms such as TikTok, WeChat, Shareit and Helo etc.

Now think if such huge platforms can get banned, why not Forsage?

If any company is doing money rotation or chit fund related activities which are strictly illegal by government’s policy than that’s a SCAM.

You have to provide products in respect to company’s joining amount. You can not circulate money here and there without and product or services given.

To watch the complete video Explanation. [ Click here ]

2. Why it can’t be closed ?

Let’s discuss point of many individual which are already working in this company.

Few points for notice :

  • Forsage is a 100% decentralised system.
  • No individual, community or owner of the company can demolish this smart contract.
  • Many people are working in it with full satisfaction.
  • This structure is financially helping a lot of individuals.

Very true, totally agreed on this point which many people think.

But as we had the conversation based on the facts above. Government of India doesn’t come under anybody. They can and definitely will take actions against criminal and fraud activities.

3. How it can close ?

Government of India has already launched an Act against Prize chit and money circulation.

notice issued against forsage

Forsage is claimed to be one of the organisation which is directly opposing rules and guidelines of Government of India.

If any company is running on fake hype, without product distribution and circulating money amongst individuals then that company is categorised into FAKE and FRAUD activist.

notice for forsage

A legal notice for this company is issued amongst all individuals which are directly or indirectly connected to this company.

4. But Forsage is 100% Decentralised?

Yes, it’s true.

But what’s TRUE is Forsage running on a technology which is 100% decentralised.

The DOMAIN on which Forsage is running is not decentralised.

The Domain [ ] is centralised. [ Click here ] to visit.


It is registered over a domain server, cloud fare or any other hosting.

domain registered for forsage

These domains are running on a server, which are owned by any company. If Indian government can BAN TikTok Application, who can stop them from banning FORSAGE?

Company coding and technology might be decentralised but this whole SYSTEM is working on a centralised domain.

That was the reason nobody can stop Indian Government to take actions against corrupt activities.

5. What happens if Government bans this domain? What will happen to money circulation?

If in any case at any point of time, Government of India bans this domain than there will be no inflow and outflow of money related to this company.

All the individuals who already withdraw their money will get no LOSS but all those associate who were waiting for their payout will be left with nothing but a FALSE HOPE.

Only forsage ?

No, If Forsage can get banned then every other decentralised system which is going against the Governement of India guidelines can get banned.

6. Trust wallet doing SCAM?

To know the complete and detailed exposure of TRUST wallet,
Click the link below and read the blog.

Every detail about how TRUST wallet is charging an associate is discussed in the blog which you should know if you are about to join network marketing.

7. Watch complete video explanation



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