evergoal india

Evergoal India is a network marketing company which is giving you an opportunity to earn from viewing advertisements everyday.

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Company is having a trusted management and giving 24*7 support to people. There is no hidden conditions in the company.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Company is having positive reputation in India. It is having all the required registration and permission to conduct financial activities in the world.

Evergoal gives you money as referral when your down line shops with the venture. Here company offer you opportunity to earn from fast growing business.

evergoal about us

It’s goal is to help others and somehow with the help of team earn more income and success. It will improve the quality of life by providing great opportunities and wide range of quality products.

mission of the company

Evergoal is showing all their legal documents so if you want to check or have any questions regarding legal, you can check this.

legal documents of the company

Above you can see company’s PAN card, certificate of incorporation and income tax department certificate.

2. Business plan

Evergoal is having a joining amount of 350rs. If you want to earn from system or situate your business with the company, you can do that in only 350rs.

evergoal business plan

A little glance that you need to see 10 advertisements and you will get 50rs, 1500rs per month every month.

3. Types of income

‘Evergoal is giving you an opportunity to earn from three types of income :

  • Refer income
  • Self add view income
  • Team add view income
types of income

1. Refer income

Company is giving you 50rs direct referral income. Whenever you sponsor somebody through your sponsor code or referral link, you will get refer income of 50rs.

refer income

2. Team ads view income

If people in your downline watch advertisements, you will get team add view income.

From level 1, 15rs you will get per person. Level 2 gives you 8rs per id, similarly till 5 levels you will get this income.

evergoal team add view income

3. Self Add view income

Here company is giving you 50rs to watch advertisements everyday. When you watch add by yourself you get 50 rs, when you refer somebody, you get 50rs.

self add view income

4. Terms and conditions

If you want to join the company or situate your business with evergoal, terms and conditions are listed below.

You must anyhow go through it, before making your decision to invest in the company. Many online scams are going on in market. Please be aware.

terms and conditions

Hope you got to learn everything from evergoal, stay tuned for more upcoming informational blogs.


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