Ethership is an Ethereum based platform running on Ethereum smart contract which came with a very interesting business opportunity for you.

This company works on 100% decentralised system.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Level Income
  4. Turbo secure Income
  5. How to Join?
  6. MLM Legal document in India.
  7. Quality MLM Software.

1. Overview

Ethership is claiming to be completely decentralised system.

Ethership etherscan information

This is Peer to Peer system, above image shows none of the amount is given to company’s account.

Transaction and commission rotates from member to member.

Q: What is decentralised system?

Decentralised marketing is created with an automated contract that offers end user or you, maximum security and sustainability.

Smart contracts like cryptocurrencies are decentralised. They work strictly according to the underlying program.

There is no human being interference in this system. Even the person who introduced this system can not modify or terminate it.

Q: Does this Smart contracts can ever demolish?

Blockchain concepts can not be closed since they run on the internet, they will live till the internet lives which is forever.

2. Business plan

Joining amount in this system is 25$ ( 0.11 ETH )

Ethership joining amount.

Two matrix are there in the plan for you, one with 11 slots and other with 11 slots.

Both matrix will start simultaneously with 6$ from your joining amount.

Ethership packages

Here is complete details about both the packages or matrix.

X-1 Package

x1 package

You will be given 3 slots in your downline where you can add members.

Let’s understand how will it work.

x1 matrix
  • Whenever somebody comes at A and B position, 100% commission will be transferred to you.
  • When an associate joins C position, 100% commission will be given to your upline. This slot will reopen and gives you opportunity to rerun the complete cycle.
x1 schedule

X-2 Schedule

x2 schedule

You are given 6 positions here to fill and you will get awesome return on it.

Let’s see how.

x2 matrix

When somebody comes at A and B position, it’s 100% commission is given to your upline.

When an associate joins and get placed at C, D and E position then their 100% commission is given to you.

Similarly F position’s associate 100% commission is given to your upline and it is used as a reinvest and opens up a new cycle which gives massive opportunity to earn bigger amount.

x2 schedule

11 slots available where you can upgrade and earn unlimited ETH.

3. Level Income

Ethership is different from other decentralised systems working in market by this concept.

level income

Upto level 50 you will be given the mentioned amount, that’s not it.

You can upgrade your id to 35$ and get benefits mentioned below.

Ethership 35$ level income

Here you will get income till Level 14 which makes it a unique and awesome plan to work with.

4. Turbo Secure Income.

Ethership turbo secure income

This income is for active users only.

Company will deduct 5$ from every id and distribute it equally amongst all the best performers of the day.

5. How to Join?

Ethership trust wallet

These are the steps to join the above venture.

6. MLM Legal document in India.

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
Click here to Read this blog.

7. Quality MLM Software.

software demo.
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One thing Everyone should be focused on before starting a venture is to make the best possible software for his firm.

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