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Ether Chain is decentralised plan running on a Blockchain platform.
Concept of blockchain will run till the internet will exist that states it is a system which can not be vanished so easily.

Here you will get the opportunity to earn working and non working income as well.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. How to join and Types of income.
  3. Deposit functions.
  4. Terms and conditions.

1. Overview

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency coin whose price is claimed to grow very rapidly.

Here you have a golden opportunity to join with 0.1 Ethereum and earn unlimited Ethereums.

ether chain decentralisation

Ether chain is a completely decentralised system.

Q. What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralised applications.

Q. What is decentralised?

Decentralised marketing is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability.

Smart contract like cryptocurrencies are decentralised. They work strictly according to the underlying program.

There is no human being interference in this system. Even the person who introduced this system can not change it or close it.

Q. Does Blockchain concepts can ever demolish?

No, blockchain concepts do not close since they run on internet, till the internet collapses their business plan goes on.

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2. How to join and Types of income.

You can join the network with 0.1 ETH.

types of income in ether chain

You are now eligible to make 310% of your investment back.

Types of income

  • 1% Daily ROI on your investment. ( Max. 310 days )
  • 10% Direct referral Commission.
  • Matching commission on Partners daily income.
  • Daily Top Sponsor Pool 5%.

1. Daily ROI 1%

1% of the investment amount is paid back to all the users by the system algorigthm.

daily roi 1% in ether chain
  • If you invest 0.1 ETH, you will get in total 3.1 ETH back.
  • If you invest 5 ETH, you will get 0.05 ETH everyday and get total of 15.5 ETH back.

2. Direct commission.

10% direct commission of your sponsors investment will be transferred to you.

ether chain direct commission

You can do unlimited number of sponsors in your downline.

3. Daily ROI Commission

This commission is based on the daily return of your partners deposits and is awarded when any partner receives their Daily income.

ether chain ROI commisssion

4. Daily top sponsor pool 5%.

Everyday, 5% of the ETH deposits is added to the Top daily sponsor Fund pool.

10% of that pool is awarded to TOP 4 sponsors that day and 90% is rolled over to next day.

sponsor pool

3. Deposit functions.

1st cycle minimum deposit is 0.1 Ethereum and maximum cycle limit is 3.1X

Then you have to re top up your Id and enter next cycle.

deposit conditions.

4. Terms and condition.

Ether chain official website. [ Click here ]

ether chain t and c


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