ESPN Global

ESPN Global and eSports industry is generating a big revenue since past few years. In 2021, they generated a revenue of more than Billion $ with 557 Million players worldwide.

Teenagers are mostly into online video games where they find people like family, brothers who play with them everyday. This industry found that connection where people want to connect with their loved ones.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Join
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

ESPN Global is a mixture of two industry, eSports and Bitcoin technology.

It is a blockchain based mobile eSports platform based in UK. In below image you can check their office addresses.

espn global office address

Press and partners

Company is having multiple big brands partnered with them.

In below image you can see all the brands working with them a press and partners.

press and partners

Four pillars of ESPN Global

  1. Esports
  2. Smart Gaming Token
  3. Block chain
  4. Referral program
four major platforms
1. Esports

It is a fastest growing digital market with a 33% annual growth rate. With some endless opportunities, esports just crossed some 1 Billion $ in revenue which is unbelievable.

Teenagers are just loving this platform and having loved ones playing whole day on this platform.

2. Smart Gaming Token

A smart gaming token released for esports. Initial exchange offering of its token which is based on ERC 20 platform.

Right now this token value is 0.01$ which will be increasing rapidly like other tokens in crypto industry.

3. Referral program

ESPN Global is having their unique referral program in more than 60 countries. This is giving their affiliates an opportunity to attain freedom and prosperity.

4. Block chain

Very transparent, secured block chain based gaming platform which allows their users to deposit, withdraw using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

2. Join

ESPN Global is giving you an opportunity to join in two different ways.

  1. Player ( FREE )
  2. Affiliate Player ( $50 )
how to join espn global

1. Player ( FREE )

If you join as a player, you can download ESPN Global app from play store and play all games for free.

2. Affiliate Player ( $50 )

Looking to earn while playing? Here is a perfect option for you where if you download the app and participate in super contest, you can earn huge amount.

You will get four benefits in total. Let’s discuss about them in detail.

  1. Here you get 5 ESPN play token every month for 12 months.
  2. You will get an opportunity to earn from unique referral program.
  3. ERC20 smart gaming token, you will get worth $75 free.
  4. You can become a member of HALL of FAME.

Types of income

ESPN Global gives you 7 different types of income to earn from.

  1. Referral income
  2. Two team matching incentive
  3. Super matching bonus
  4. Quick commander royalty
  5. Medal of honor
  6. Hall of fame bonus
  7. Super contest winning
espn global types of income

1. Referral income

If you refer somebody and make them download the application, you will get 0.1$. When he play any game from 5$, you will get 0.5$ on his gameplay.

What if he becomes Affiliate player not a simple player?

Yes, when you do 2 direct in the system, from third direct, you will get 5% on each affiliate player.

Third direct onwards from each affiliate player, you will get 5% income.

referral program income

2. ESPN Global Team Matching incentive

Here binary structure is filled according to your referrals in the system.

1 pair is equals to 1 RP where value of RP can vary between 5-25$ according to your rank and achievements.

You can earn minimum 30-100 RP in a day. If you convert this in dollars, you can earn 150 to 2500 $ in a day.

team matching incentive

3. Super Matching bonus

This is a weekly income which will be paid in the form of ESPN play tokens.

You can either redeem it, convert it into cash or use it for playing any game in the system. From 4$ to 10,000$ you can earn from this bonus.

super matching bonus
Q. How to earn super matching bonus?

Rank wise you will get income according to the rank you fall in. If you have 1 affiliate in left and 1 in right, you will get ACE rank.

From this ACE rank achievement you will get 4 token weekly for 52 weeks. So in total from ACE rank you will get 208 tokens.

super matching bonus in espn global

According to this when you have mentioned ACE in left leg and in right leg, you will get huge amount of tokens which you can convert in cash or play with.

4. Quick master bonus

If you become ACE within 72 hours of signing up in the system, you will be eligible for quick master bonus.

In case for some reason, you fail to become ACE then other possibility is if you become commander rank within 30 days, you will be eligible for Quick master bonus.

Your daily capping will be increased to 50 reward points. From every reward point, now you will get 6$ instead of 5$.

quick master bonus in espn global

5. Wealth Program daily Maxout

Upto rank legend, you will 5$ per reward point and your daily maxout capacity or you can say capping is of 30 reward point.

If you are quick master than your reward point is worth 6$ and your capping is 50 reward point.

Similarly this goes upto Immortal where your 1 reward point is worth 25$, your daily maxout or capping is 100 reward point.

wealth program daily maxout

6. Quick commander royalty

On achieving this rank, you become a share holder.

Eligibility : If you achieve commander rank within 30 days, you become eligible for quick master as well as quick commander royalty where 2% of the global company revenue will be shared.

This revenue will be shared equally amongst all the achievers.

quick commander royalty

7. Medal of Honour

According to the company if you reaching maxout everyday, you will not lose or flush your remaining pairs.

This formulae will help you earn more from that income. You will be given medal points on achieving 60 reward points on a particular day.

8. Hall of Fame Bonus

Just a cherry on the cake. This bonus proves why you should work in the company as an associate and where is your career going if you work with full energy here.

It works in the form of auto pool.


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