epic network

Epic network is a product based network marketing business which is providing you an amazing opportunity to earn from different types of income.

In addition to this, you can also earn a lot from binary income. As mentioned you can earn more than 42,000 INR from this system.

Topics covered.

  1. Overview
  2. Legal
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income

1. Overview

Epic network is claiming to be pure Indian startup which is promoting Indian culture as well as Ayurveda products.

Epic network about us

A community of dynamic entrepreneurs through the promotion of high quality wellness products.
Quality Indian products are being circulated and marketed by the company with a pure vision.

2. Legal documents

Epic network has made it visible for all. Anyone can go through all the legalities to make it clear, their truthfulness proof.

Epic network legalities

Above is company MCA certificate and PAN card. Here you can also see company’s GST and TAN number.

gst number , tan number

3. Business plan

If you want to join the company or looking to associate your business with Epic network, it’s joining amount is 1000 BV which is equivalent to ~1100 INR.

Epic network joining amount

If you want to take more information about company’s products you can visit : [ Click here ]

Epic network products

Some more information’s about the products are given below :


Above are few products and their respective BV amount in the picture.

4. Types of income

Company is fiving you opportunity to earn from 5 different types of income.

types of income in epic network
  • Silver Binary income
  • Gold Binary income
  • Franchise income
  • Rewards
  • Repurchase income ( Launching Soon )

1. Silver Binary income

epic network silver income

When you do business of 1000 BV in left and right respectively, you will be rewarded with 1000 rs Cash reward!

Here capping is of 1:1 is applied and it goes twice a day.

income cutting

These many pairs amount will be deducted and directly goes to gold achiever where you can earn 42k daily income.

2. Gold income

Matching of 1 silver : 1 silver gives you 1000 INR gold income.

gold income

3. Franchise income

When you purchase bulk e-pins from the system you get specific rewards from the system.

franchise income

4. Rewards

On achieving specific number of matching in the system you are rewarded with certain rewards such as ear pods, goa tour, bike etc.


It goes on for 10 levels where you can earn more amazing cars.

Epic network rewards

5. Terms and condition

terms and conditions


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