dream live

Dream Live is a new crowd funding company which is in it’s pre launching stage. Here you have an opportunity to earn from non working income.

Company is providing you six types of income. A great option to earn from working as well as non working income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Dream Live Corporation is in it’s pre launching stage with a great hype in market. Company is launching with a minimal joining amount so everybody can join in this system.

Crowdfunding as we all know, a large amount of people invest small amounts to help a cause and in addition to this, they also get’s the perk to earn from multiple types of income.

Dream Live introduction

Here you can read more detailed information about the company’s vision and working mechanism.

2. Business plan

If you are looking the join the company or associate your business with Dream Live , Joining amount is 600 Rs.

Dream Live business plan

Here 1Rs = 1dp and with 600 dp you can start earning from various types of income in this system.

3. Types of income

Dream Live is providing you six different types of income from which you can earn good amount of money.

Dream Live types of income
  • Direct referral income
  • Level income
  • Bonus box income
  • Globally auto pool income
  • Fast track income
  • Car fund life time

1. Direct referral income

You will get 200 rs on each direct you do in the system. You can do unlimited number of directs in the system and earn huge amount.

direct referral income

2. Level income

Dream Live is providing you level income till 16 levels. In Level 1 as discussed above, you will each 200dp per person, level 2 gives 10dp per person and similarly till level 16 where you get 5dp per person.

level income

3. Fastrack income

When your direct will upgrade in the system to another levels, you will get the mentioned dp.
On second level upgrade of 1200 dp, you and directs 2nd level upline will get the dp. Similarly till 5 upgrades you can earn fastrack income from this system.

fastrack income

4. Bonus box income

Company will deduct 65 rs from each id and put into bonus box income pool.

When you fill 6 members in your level 1, you will get this income for 3 times in 10 days duration. Similarly on 18 members you will again get this income.

bonus box income

5. Global Auto pool income

Let’s see different auto pool introduced by this company.

1. Fast Auto pool 3×3
fast auto pool income

This is how you will earn in fast autopool, from level 1 you will earn 75 dp when 3 members will come in company globally. Similarly from level 2 to level 7 you will earn in similar manner.

2. Silver Auto pool 3×3
siliver auto pool income

In silver auto pool you will earn 50 dp per user in level 1 and similarly till 8 levels. From Silver auto pool you will earn a total of 4 lakh + dp.

Similarly gold and diamond auto pool will also work where you can earn 9L and 19L+ dp.

4. Terms and conditions

Dream Live terms and condition


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