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Divine, Another ROI SCAM Race? Who’s first this time?

We will get the conclusion after going through the whole business plan of Divine, another ROI based company.

Divine is giving 50rs income on daily basis. Yes, daily 50 rs ROI, Can you believe that? They claiming you can get more than 229 Cr. Income!

Wow, let’s assume if each person earns that and India becomes number 1 in highest number of billionaires, just “Divine” things!

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and condition

1. Overview

Divine is a new ROI based company launched on 12th December 2020.

Divine introduction

Company is claiming you have an early bird benefit and can grab all the benefits which you couldn’t in IAMON.

To Visit Official Website of Divine Media [ Click here ]

Divine about us

Company is having a global vision to help people worldwide.

Similar to IAMON, Divine is working on social media platforms and depending on the usage user is getting income.

Divine platforms

2. Business Plan

If you are looking to join Divine or start your business with it, Joining amount is INR 1000/-, On this amount you will get Discount points worth the same and a world class opportunity to earn from system.

business plan

Company is having auto renewal in every 30 days.

3. Types of income

Divine is providing four different types of income.

  • Daily ROI Income
  • Direct Sponsor income
  • Level / Referral income
  • Award / Reward income

1. Daily ROI Income

You will get 50rs daily from this company just by using there social media application.

roi income

2. Direct Sponsor Income

Company is giving Direct sponsor income INR 100 on each direct.

You can do unlimited number of directs in the system and earn as much money you want.

Divine sponsor income

3. Level / Referral Income

Company is giving you level income till 7 levels, from first level you have a potential to earn 300 rs monthly income.

level income

From Level 7 you have a potential to earn 7 Cr daily income.

4. Reward income

reward income

Company is giving you awesome reward in achieving these specific conditions.

4. Terms and conditions

terms and conditions


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