Daisy is a new network marketing company which is not rotating money but generating money. It is a verified smart contract.

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Company combined crowd funding platform with artificial intelligence. You can earn from working as well as non working source of income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Daisy ( Decentralised A.I System ) is a verified smart contract system which is focusing on generating money instead of rotating money like other direct selling companies.

More information which you can read about Daisy AI system below :

daisy information

If you want to go through the roadmap of the company, in below image you will see from where the company started and where it is planning to move.

daisy roadmap

2. Business Plan

Here you are going to earn from Daisy in different kind of ways.

Below you can see three different ways such as upfront income which comprises of 6 types of bonus. Residual income which is having 3 types of bonus.

And lastly stock equity which is having one main bonus.

daisy business plan

If you want to join Daisy or associate your business with them, joining amount is $100.

Here 10 packages are there in total, In 1 to 7 packages 50% goes into Daisy fund for trading. From package 8-10, 70% goes into Daisy fund for trading.

Below you can see 10 packages which you can join from, starting from $100 and going till $51,200.

From the deposited $100, 50% that is $50 will go into trading account and 50% will go into matrix account.

daisy matrix table

Here which ever package you join from, you will enter a matrix of that package. This matrix is of 3 by 10 where a total of 88 thousand 572 people will be in your team.

daisy matrix income structure

Similarly if anybody joins with $200 they have their own matrix, $400 have their own matrix etc.

3. Types of income

First of all let’s have a look towards matrix bonus.

1. Matrix Bonus

You don’t need to do any sponsor till level 2. 3+9 = 12 members will be settled in your structure through spill. If is not mandatory to do any direct till level 2.

daisy matrix bonus

You will earn good income from level 1 completion and level 2 completion. 4% from joining of each sponsor in level 1 and level 2 will be your reward.

2. Pace Setter Bonus

Daisy is giving you an amazing opportunity to unlock your below level if you are successful in completing first 2 levels in 30 days.

This is a smart contract system which is having an algorithm, there is no owner of the system. If you unlock 5th level within 30 days, you will get 6th level automatically open by the system.

3. Personal Referrals

You will get instant referral bonus of 5% from all your direct sponsors joining. The work which they perform in the system, if they join somebody else you will get 10% of their earning.

4. Daisy infinity club

You have two eligibility conditions to achieve daisy infinity club benefits.

Either you can reach 1 Million dollars in total team funding in your first 30days or you can reach 10 Million in total team funding in no time limit.

Once you do that , you will get three biggest benefits from the company :

  • You will get 1% on all crowd fund packs from your entire unilevel team.
  • Earn 100% infinity bonus check match on 1st generation club qualifier.
  • You will get 50% infinity bonus check match on 2nd generation club qualifier.

5. Unilevel Residual Trading Bonus

Here company is providing you level income upto 10 levels.

From level 1 you will get 3.5%, level 2 gives you 1% similarly till level 10 where you get 1% on each sponsor joining in the crowd network.

Thank you for reading the whole business plan. For more exciting business plan reviews, stay tuned.


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