daily fantasy 11

Daily fantasy 11 is providing you a unique earning opportunity where if you register yourself free of cost and play games, you will earn from 6 different types of income.

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A company which is giving you earnings just by playing games !

In this lock down, where such huge companies are releasing their employees due to lack of salaries, Daily fantasy is giving an opportunity to earn by playing games and making network.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

Registration in Daily Fantasy 11 is FREE of cost. You can earn a big amount of income from this company’s application.

Daily fantasy intro

Company is launched on 1st September 2020, so you can take the early bird benefits and get into the system as soon as possible.

It is a mobile platform based which is focusing to build an exclusive and innovative revolutionary eSports ecosystem.

Daily fantasy system

Million Rupee Global online tournament!! YES!

Daily fantasy 11 is running from Rajasthan, India.

eSports raise.

2. Business plan

Daily fantasy 11 Prime membership FEE is INR 1175 only.

If you want to earn from the system and earn from 6 different types of income then you have to upgrade your id to prime membership.

Daily fantasy prime membership fee

3. Types of income

Daily fantasy 11 is providing you 6 different types of income earning opportunity.

6 types of income
  • Direct income
  • Cashback income
  • Binary income
  • Level income
  • Prime membership income
  • Free user level income

1. Free User level income

This income is available for those who don’t upgrade their id to prime membership.

All associates in this category will get this free user level income till 11 levels.

free level income

From level 1 you will get 3% income, level 2 will give 2%, level 3 will provide 1% and rest from 4 to 11 level will provide you 0.50%.

2. Direct referral income

direct referral income

Daily fantasy 11 is giving you INR 300 direct commission on all your direct sponsors in the network.

3. Cashback income

As mentioned in above picture, On purchasing prime membership you will get 2500 cashback bonus.

Where can i use this?

You can use this in recharge portal where you have several services like mobile and dth recharge, postpaid bills, bill payments and data card recharges.

4. Binary income

binary income

First pair will be 1:2 or 2:1 and rest of the pair will be 1:1.

Pair matching income in the system is INR 200. Left and right direct sponsor is compulsory.

5. Level income

Daily fantasy level income

At level 1 as already discussed, INR 300 will be provided on direct sponsors as referral commission.

From level 2 to level 20, INR 10 will be given per person.

6. Prime membership income

Daily fantasy prime membership income

When 5 associates comes in your level 1, you earn total of INR 1500.

Similarly in 2nd level you can earn 10 rs from each person which makes a total of INR 250, 3rd level totals to INR 1250 and goes upto level 9 which totals to INR 1Cr.+ income.


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