crypto ban in india

Crypto going to BAN? Many TV News channels, famous you tubers and social media influencers are showing this indication of Crypto BAN. Is it the truth?

Crypto really going to BAN in India? Can we trade crypto after the BAN? P2P system are going to for closure ?

People are getting convinced that all the crypto currency exchanges in India will be closed soon. Not only this but Binance will also be closed after this ban.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Solution

1. Overview

People are making multiple videos of the probability of government banning them, saying Bitcoin will not be able to sell in India.

Questions like :

  1. Crypto currency going ban in India?
  2. Crypto trading will no more be legal?
  3. Bitcoin will no more trade in India?
  4. All foreign currency exchanges are going forclosure?
  5. Binance will not be able to survive anymore?
  6. Internet currency trading will no more be legal in India?

2. Solution

Yes, All the private crypto currencies which doesn’t come under government will be banned. This includes almost all the crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON and many more.

Only the one crypto currency will run which RBI will approve or bring in Indian market.

Q. What will happen to my previous investment in Crypto?

Don’t worry, If Indian government is banning them than they may definitely provide you all a solution to cash out your investments in internet currencies before it happens.

If you remember, during monetisation and closing of old 500 rs notes, government gave sometime to deposit the old notes and get new notes or get the same amount in bank.

  1. Time Frame
  2. High Probability of dropping rates of Private internet currencies by 50%

Everyone will be expecting a time frame in which all the people who have invested their money in it will be able to convert it back to cash or just cash out their investments.

DEX ( Decentralised exchanges platforms ) like Uniswap, 1inch, MetaBus , ParaSwap and many other decentralised bodies are still available for the same. These platforms will be available no matter what since they run on internet.

No individual, community or organisation can close, edit or modify it. Specially it doesn’t comes under government so even after the ban you can trade, exchange your currency easily.

Thank you for reading the updates, hope you got what you were looking for.


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