Crowdfunding refers to a scenario in which a large group of people donates a small amount.
It acts as a funding to grow a new business, later on the investors get huge benefits on their investment when the company grows and the company owners gets his business running.

This creates a win-win situation for both investors and company owner.

crowdfunding plan in mlm.
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Topics to discuss in Crowdfunding.

  1. Overview of crowdfunding plan in MLM.
  2. What is Pay Help and Get Help in Crowdfunding plan?
  3. Famous crowdfunding plan companies.
  4. Advantages of crowdfunding plan.
  5. Types of income in crowdfunding plan.
  6. Best software demo for crowdfunding plan.

1. Overview of crowdfunding plan in MLM.

Crowdfunding plan in mlm is one of the most successful and easy to understand plan in multi-level marketing industry.

A large number of associates are convinced to donate small investments on great return benefits. It is applied to simply grow a new business and provide them the funding. After certain period, investors gets huge benefit from the company and the business owner enjoys its success.

It offers huge benefits to the investors due to which it is comparatively easy to find investors and grow the network rapidly.

A large number of MLM companies prefer crowdfunding plan since it reflects good success rate in mlm industry.

2. What is Pay Help and Get Help in crowdfunding plan in mlm?

Gifting plan or Helping plan simply works as “give and take” mechanism.

When an associate joins a foundation by registration on certain amount his Id is created.
Further associate have to make a purchase among the given packages in a certain limited time. This is referred to Pay help ( PH ).

An associate pays help and get help from many other associates. As simple as that. The package amount bought by his newly sponsored associate is given to him which is Get Help ( GH ) in some cases.

This is how Pay Help and Get Help Works which is also referred to as “give and take” scenario.

3. Famous crowdfunding plan companies.

i) Fig :

Fig is a crowdfunding platform for video games. It’s actual name is Loose Tooth Industries,Inc. which was founded in 2015 with a total funding amount of 7.8 Million dollars.

ii) Cloud Imperium :

Also known as Cloud Imperium Games, LLC was founded in 2012 with a total funding amount of 180.9 Million dollars.
It aims to pave new ground in game development by sharing the process with the players.

iii) Unbound :

Unbound is an online crowd-funded publisher that allows authors to pitch their book ideas directly to readers.
Also known as United Authors Publishing Ltd. founded in June 9, 2010 with a total funding amount of 2 Million pound.

Some Worldwide famous crowdfunding sites are :

i) Kickstarter :

Kickstarter is an American public benefited cooperation that maintains a global crowdfunding platform focused on creativity.
It was launched in April 2009 and by December 2009, it has received 4.6 billion dollars in pledges from 17 million backers to fund 4,44,000 projects such as films, stage shows, music, comics, journalism projects, video games, publishing, technology and food-related projects.

ii) Patreon :

Patreon is a membership platform based in the U.S that helps to run subscription content service by providing business tools for creators.
It was launched in May 2013, and used by pod-casters, content creators, youtube videographers and many others who post online on a regular basis.

Top 10 crowdfunding platforms.

4. Advantages of crowdfunding plan.

  1. Crowdfunding mlm plan requires very few resources to begin with.
  2. It is mostly based on earning and in most of the cases your money is safe with a legal genuine organisation.
  3. It is completely unpredictable since there is no capping or limit to investment. You never know at what point is it going to hit.
  4. It can start in a very small amount and can gather upto millions.
  5. Gives huge benefits to the investors which makes it easier to build the network.

5. Types of income in crowdfunding plan.

Sponsor/Direct Income :

Amount of income fixed on joining a new associate under you in the network is known as Direct income/ Sponsor income.

It can be percentage of the joining package or a flat amount of joining package.

Helping Income :

Company offers almost double to triple help. If someone has done X help then he/she will get 2X to 3X help as per the matrix.

When the payments are transferred in MLM Crowd Funding Plan?

Normally, MLM companies transfer payments Daily or Weekly or Monthly Basis. Even many companies provide option of user withdrawal, so user can withdrawal whenever he/she want. Helping income directly dealt by Networker to Networker.

6. Best software demo for crowdfunding plan.

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