btt maker

BTT Maker is a new crypto currency on which you can invest your money. Bit torrent is just a crypto currency coin like Ethereum, Tron and Bitcoin etc.

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Price of this coin is too low right now but it will be high very soon just like other digital currencies. It’s price in Jan 2021 was 2 paise and touched 1 rs in April then came back.

It is sing TRC 20 block chain. You will be able to earn from working as well as non working source of income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

BTT Maker is out in market with an intention to provide multiple sources of funds to public. With their knowledge and experience they will be able to do the same.

btt maker vision

It is a 100% decentralised and community based project. Whenever a decentralised concept comes in market, it is un editable, un modifiable and can’t be changed by anybody. Not under government or any organisation makes it easy to understand.

how it works

2. Business Plan

If you want to purchase BTT coin or associate your business with them, Joining amount in the company is 500 BTT. Currently it’s rate is 50 paisa.

business plan of btt maker

Here 400 BTT from your investment goes for direct income and 100 BTT goes for highest recruitment rewards.

smart global matrix

If you upgrade to 1000 BTT project, you will enter smart global matrix of 500 BTT and you will also get 500 BTT level income.

When your team in global matrix will become of 2 members, you will get 400 BTT and 600 BTT will be used for auto upgrade. Similarly from the complete matrix you will earn total of 12600 BTT.

This is an auto filling matrix, you don’t have to work and refer somebody in the network. You keep getting the income in non working way.

Working income in BTT Maker

More directs you do in the system, you will get income from level income. From level 1 you will get 100 BTT, level 2 gives you 80 BTT and similarly till 10th level you can earn good amount of BTT from the system.

You can upgrade your package to 2000 BTT. Similarly you have multiple packages till 50,000 BTT and there see the income structure.

packages in smart global matrix

Level income and smart global matrix income is just HUGE in this one.

3. Types of income

BTT Maker is giving everyone multiple types of income to earn from.

  1. Direct income
  2. Smart Global Matrix income
  3. 10 Levels income
  4. Smart Global level pool income
  5. Highest recruitment rewards
btt maker types of income

1. Direct income

As discussed in the start 500 BTT package, 400 BTT sponsor income is given. As the package amount increases, BTT amount in sponsor income increases.

2. Smart Global Matrix income

This is completely non working income where global matrix will be filled automatically and you will keep getting BTT income.

From level 1 you will get 150 BTT income, level 2 gives you 450 BTT and similarly upto level 7 where you can get a total of 3L+ BTT coins.

smart global level pool income

3. 10 Levels income

Already discussed above in the table format under Business Plan Headings.

4. Smart Global Level pool income

We already discussed this income under business plan heading above.

5. Highest Recruitment rewards

When you join with 500 BTT, 400 BTT goes into direct sponsor and 100 BTT goes in highest recruitment reward.

The total collective amount which will be collected inside the reward pool will be distributed every week. Top 5 sponsors will get this reward. First top sponsor will get 30% of the pool reward. 2nd one will get 25% and so on.

highest recruitment reward in btt maker

Hope you got to learn everything from you were looking for, stay tuned for more upcoming information.


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