BMMS is a new multi level marketing company which is giving service based products. A company which is providing 5% ROI for 100 days.

Company is having MCA registration certificate which highlights it’s legality. Apart from this many other features which we will see in this blog.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legal documents
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

BMMS is in it’s pre launching stage right now so you have all the opportunity in the world to study this plan and have early bird benefits.

BMMS introduction

To Visit BMMS Official Webpage [ Click here ]

It is claiming to be a non profit organisation which provides you time and profit freedom in life.

2. Legal documents

BMMS is providing their legal documents online so you easily go through it and invest in a legal mlm company.

pan card

Above is company’s PAN card and now you can see company’s registration certificate which shows company is registered in MCA.

mca certificate

3. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with BMMS, you can start with the joining amount of INR 2500.

BMMS business plan

Here company have multiple packages to join from which you check out below :

packages in BMMS

4. Types of income

BMMS is providing you three types of income.

types of income in BMMS
  • Direct income
  • ROI income
  • Binary income

1. Direct income

5% direct income

Here on every direct sponsor, you will earn 5% direct commission. More you sponsor bigger will be your paycheck.

You can do unlimited amount of sponsors in the company.

2. ROI Income

ROI income

BMMS is providing you 5% ROI income daily for 100 days from your activation day.

Here is an amazing opportunity for you to earn from a non working income.

3. Binary income

BMMS binary income

Binary income in BMMS is 10% that is whenever you match a pair in your down line you will get 10% matching income.

5. Terms and conditions

terms and conditions


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