Bizzevo is a new multi level marketing company which is out with a unique concept. Here you will be able to get daily growth of 1%.

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Company is providing you an amazing opportunity to earn more than 2L+ dollars.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Bizzevo is global online earning solution which is simply an advertising platform.

Bizzevo about us

Money which the company gets is used in promotions and they distribute it in the members as daily growth.

Let’s get into their business plan and check more exciting features which the company is providing us.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join Bizzevo or associate your business with Bizzevo, details are provided below.

Bizzevo business plan

You will get 200 coins free if you get registered yourself within first 2500 id’s. Nextly after 2500 id’s, 100 coins will be given free till 15,000 id’s.

Like this a total supply of 20 million coins is distributed and prices start from 25 cent.

3. Types of income

Bizzevo is providing multiple types of income to it’s associates.

  • Level income
  • Daily Growth Income
  • Matching income

1. Level income

Company is providing you level income in the form of returns on different levels.

level income

When you do 1 direct sponsor in your network you will get 0.1% income, from level 2 you will get 0.2% of income and similarly it will go on upto 7th level.

level matrix

As you keep filling up the network, the non working candidates will also get a boost up and they might also start working which will again help you earn.

2. Daily Growth Income

Daily Growth income will be given to you if your level income is smaller than this.

You will get 1% daily growth of package $25. Note this, if your daily level income is higher than daily growth than you won’t get daily growth income.

Bizzevo growth income

3. Matching income

Bizzevo is providing you 1% matching income upto 7 levels.

matching income

4. Terms and conditions

terms and conditions


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