Binary MLM Calculator.

Majority of the mlm companies working on binary plan were thriving for a Binary MLM Calculator.

A One stop solution which can calculate company’s profit, binary, sponsor and total income distributed upto many levels.

YAKS Group has Solved this issue and Released the Platform Which is Now Available :

FREE OF COST On Play Store.

Multi-level marketing which is popularly known as network marketing is an ultimate marketing strategy for selling products, goods and services introduced by any mlm company.

Binary plan is the most favourable strategy used by a lots of mlm companies.

Topics covered.

  1. MLM Binary Plan. ( Explained. )
  2. Binary MLM Calculator. ( For Android. )
  3. A Binary MLM Calculator. ( For Desktop/ Laptop. )

1.Binary Plan in Mlm. ( Explained. )

This in Multi-level marketing resembles a tree like structure.
It has two legs i.e., Right leg and Left leg.

Whenever a leader or an associate joins a business partner or so called sponsor in the company, it either goes to his right leg or left leg that is why it resonates binary tree structure.

Binary plan in MLM.
Watch the complete Video.

Click Here for detailed explanation of below points :

  1. Binary plan description.
  2. Front-line,Up line and down-line.
  3. Profit & Power leg.
  4. Spill over.
  5. Capping and trimming.
  6. Types of income in binary plan

As we have already explained Binary plan in detailed so i have just linked the article.

Follow the Link to get complete information about MLM Binary plan.

2. Binary MLM Calculator. ( For Android. )

Binary plan in mlm is used by a maximum number of mlm companies.
Out of which majority of companies were facing this problem.

Exact figure of incomes being distributed by the company.

This issue has been solved by YAKS Group.

A Binary MLM Calculator Application for android has been released by YAKS Group.
It is still Free of cost on play store till date.

Factors required.

  • Package Amount
  • Product / Service Cost.
  • GST / VAT on Package
  • Matching Ratio
  • Paid Distribution
  • Sponsor income
  • Capping
  • Admin Charge
  • TDS / Tax on Commission
  • Levels.

How to Operate the application?

  • First of all download the ” Binary MLM Calculator ” from Play Store.
Binary MLM Calculator.
Click here to get Binary MLM Calculator.

Fill Up the Following details :

  1. Currency. ( Rs / $ / .. )
  2. Package details :

    i) Package amount.
    ii) Product / Service Cost.
    iii) GST / VAT.

3. Business Plan Details.

  • Matching Ratio.
    Binary plan has a matching ratio pre decided by the company.
    It can be ( 1:1 or 1:2 / 2:1 ) .
  • Binary Income.
    You can choose Fix Amount / Percentage.
    According to your company’s binary income.
  • Sponsor Income.
    Sponsor income can also be in Fix Amount / Percentage.
    It is also pre decided by the company.
  • Capping.
    You have to input per hour/day/month capping amount which you are going to implement in your company or already pre decided by the company.
  • Admin Charge.
  • Tds / Tax.
  • Levels.
    You can calculate upto to infinite levels here.
    You have to specify upto which level are you willing to calculate the distribution.

Moreover , You’ll be able to see Level wise Income details as well.

Major Advantages Of this Application

  • Binary MLM Calculator can work without internet also.
  • No network issues.
  • One stop solution to calculate your company’s profit and all income distribution upto as many levels.
  • Application does not ask for any personal details :
    – No Mobile no.
    – No Name
    – No E-mail id.
  • 0 Chance of data loss / scam or any fraudster activity.

Watch the complete video explanation by YAKS.

3. Binary MLM Calculator. ( For Desktop/ Laptop. )

YAKS Group has made it very easy for you.

Binary MLM Calculator is also Available for Desktop / Laptop.

Click here to directly operate the calculator. ( Desktop / Laptop )

In the same manner as android ( Scroll above ) , input the details in the field given in the calculator.
You ‘ll be able to see :

  • Summary details.
  • Level wise Binary, Sponsor and total income.

Watch the complete video explanation by YAKS.

Binary income Calculator.



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