BETFX is a gaming platform which is providing an opportunity to earn while playing. These days jobs are vanishing more than anything.

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Lock down in 2020 effected a lot of huge ventures which made them lose bunch of employees due to lack of salaries. If any company is providing an opportunity to earn massive income by playing games, it’s GREAT isn’t it?

Topics covered.

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

BETFX Plan is founded by Mr. Michael Marcus. A experienced professional whose all qualifications are mentioned in picture below.

BETFX founder

According to him forex trading is emphasised more than cryptocurrency. He always used to learn more and more about this field.

crypto vs forex

According to him when choosing a cryptocurrency pair to trade, it is important to evaluate the liquidity that is available in the market.

Some cryptocurrency pairs have higher trading volume than others. The most popular cryptocurrency pairs include BTC,USD / ETH,USD / LTC,USD / XRP,USD.

different pairs of cryptocurrencies used for trading

2. Business plan

BETFX has introduced various methods to play games and earn money from it.

BETFX business plan

Big Bang Cash is a trading platform which company introduced in the system. Here you can play multiple games and earn massive amount of money.

minimum amount in BETFX

You can play games of minimum value $10 and maximum value $5000 at a single time period.

Q. How does this concept work?

TPO income in BETFX

When you sponsor three associates in the network, you will get a fund from which you can play the games introduced by the company.

Suppose you sponsor 3 associates in network and they all starts with $1000 each. Then total business of $3000 is done by you for the company which will earn you 20% i.e., $600 in your gaming wallet.

All the money you will earn through games is withdrawable.

3. Types of income

Here BETFX is providing you several types of income which is explained in detail below.

1. Trade profit package ( ROI income )

TPP income

You will get daily ROI based on your investment amount in the network.

If you invest $20 to $100 in the network, profit of 0.75% to 200% will be given to you daily. Similarly this will go upto infinity !!

This returns are transferred to you for the next 200 days. YES!

2. Trade Profit Bonus ( TPB / LEVEL income )

TPB income

Trade profit bonus will be given to you till 21 levels in the network.

From level 1 5% commission will be yours per person, similarly in level 2, 4% profit and so on up to level 21 where 0.25% commission will be allotted per person.

3. Trade Banker income ( TBI )

TBI income in BETFX

Your first five levels total business turnover 1.25% will be yours every month. This will go on for every month.

4. Club Achievers

club achievers

Here if you do a business of $5000 in your downline, company will give you 5% of total turnover but this condition should be achieved before 15th September.

withdraw amount

Minimum withdrawal amount is $5 and maximum is $5000 which you can withdraw from monday to friday.

company rank for associate

Company will make you a leader if you do business of 6.5 Lakh Rs. You will be given company’s 1% turnover.

manager rank in BETFX

Similarly for manager who gets 1.5% of company’s turnover above condition is applicable.

director rank in BETFX

Director will be given 2% of CTO ( Company turn over ), conditions for such are mentioned in above image.

4. Terms and condition

terms and condition


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