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Alix Global is a company which is recently launched in Indian market with a multi level marketing concept.They have implemented Daily auto withdrawal.

It is bringing an e-commerce portal with a shopping card as a product which is really effective.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Types of income
  3. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
  4. Best Application and digital services in India .

1. Overview

Alix global profit is situated in Melbourne, Australia.

It is an organisation which is bringing health care and e commerce platform for our benefit.

From this portal you can do :

  1. Shopping
  2. Recharge
  3. Tickets booking
  4. Utility Bill Payments.

You will also be assigned a shopping card if you join the company with the package amount. From this card you will get Huge benefits and discounted rates on above services.

2. Types of income

  1. 15 Level Income
  2. Auto pool income
  3. 250% to 1000% Cashback Income
  4. Team Leading Bonus
  5. Single leg Repurchase Income

1. Level Income

Alix Global incomes

On first level, you will get $4. [ i.e., INR 300/- ]

As the levels goes on upto 15 Level, you will be getting income according to associates you sponsor.

2. Auto pool Income

Alix Global autopool income

Alix Global is a non working income which many companies have provided in their business plan, but here it is quite unique.

Here, when you will do 1 direct you will start getting Auto pool income, which is pretty rare case i direct selling industry.

3. Cashback Income

cash back income

On sponsoring 5 directs you will get 25$ and so on..

4, Team leading Bonus.

Alix Global team leading bonus

In Alix Global team leading bonus, it will goes by 5/15 matrix, where from level 3 you will start getting INR 2000/- per month.

You will get this income for next 18 months.

Thank you for reading this. I hope good wealth and health for you people. Stay Aware and Stay safe. Stay tuned for more valuable Blogs.

3. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?

Follow the article to get the complete information.

Mlm legal company.
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4. Best Application and digital services in India .

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