Aayu life care

Aayu life care is a new network marketing company which is giving you an amazing opportunity to earn from multiple types of income.

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A product based venture which is here to improve your cash inflow and give you an environment to earn more incentive.

Keypoints from the blog

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

Company is asking you to stay in control while paying your monthly bills. With the help of Aayu bill paying tool, you can always plan your budget.

It is giving you multiple types of working and non working income to earn from. Having an affordable activation amount so everybody can join the system

aayu life care about us

Company gives you non working as well as investment income to earn from so you manage your monthly bills and sustain your lifestyle expenses.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with Aayu life care, Joining amount is INR 750. You can start earning from working as well as non working source of income.

business plan

After you pay 750 rs to the company, you get to join for multiple types of income listed below.


3. Types of income

Aayu life care is giving you seven types of income to earn from.

  • Coupon income
  • working income
  • Non working income
  • Investment income x2
  • Investment level income
  • Rewards
  • Store franchise income
types of income

1. Redeem your Coupon

When you join the system, you get 10 coupons of 150 rs.

aayu life care coupon income

Afterwards if you buy any product from the company of 500rs, the bill amount will become 350rs after applying the coupon on it.

2. Working income

This is an upgrade package income which works in a unique way. Here when you upgrade your id with 1000 rs, 500 rs from that amount goes to first upline and 500 goes to second upline.

Your team can have any amount of members, no limitations on it.

After that you can start taking income from gold level by upgrading your id.

In similar terms you can upgrade to platinum with 24000 rs and your income will become 2000 rs.

aayu life care working income

3. Non working income

Similarly company is providing you non working income. Globally if any person joins the company, it will be automatically filled in your pool.

From Star level, you get 100rs profit. Silver level gives you 200rs profit and so on till diamond level where amazing income is given.

aayu life care non working income

4. Investment profit

If you take package of 1000rs to 5000rs , you get 5% monthly income. This is a 2 percent profit growth. Similarly package from 6000rs to 20000rs, you get 6% monthly income.

investment profit

5. Rewards

Here on achieving some special conditions, you get amazing rewards from the company. Aayu life care is giving you amazing rewards on achieving these special conditions.


Hope you got to learn everything from the business plan review of Aayu life care, Stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.


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