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In this Blog, you will get complete webinar notes, all the strategies which were revealed in Dr. Vivek Bindra Sales Training on 31st May.

Strategies chart.

  1. Product Knowledge + Product conviction = Sales
  2. Nail Value Proposition
  3. Lead Scoring
  4. AHT ( Average handling time )
  5. Purchase Action Ratio
  6. BANT Sales Technique
  7. Community Partnership
  8. B2B MEDDIC Sales Technique
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  10. How to get software demo or Contact further.
  11. How to start a legal MLM Company in India ?
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1. Product Knowledge + Product conviction = Sales.

First and most important rule of you achieving a sale is your belief and knowledge about the product. ( Dr. Vivek Bindra Sales Training )

You will Only be successful in a sale if you believe in :

  • Product
  • Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Boss
  • Self

Which factors are involved to close a sale.

  • Transfer of Enthusiasm
  • Transfer of Conviction
  • Develop the right mindset of Resilience
  • 90% of Sales is conviction
  • Only 10% of Sales is Communication

5 Reasons of Sales Failure.

  • कोई आवश्यकता नहीं ( No need )
  • उन्हे कोई जल्दी नहीं ( No hurry )
  • कोई इच्छा नहीं ( no desire )
  • कोई आवश्यकता नहीं ( no need )
  • पैसे नहीं हैं ( no money )

2. Nail Value Proposition.

Always Show the Customer what he wants to see, not what you have.

2 Things to Remember while showing a product to a Customer

  • Relevance – What Customer want? | Important
  • Quantifiable Value – Value creation
  • Opportunity Cost Close Approach

Opportunity Cost Close Approach is a strategy where you show the customer value of not what he is buying, but the cost which they would pay to revive if it’s broken / not approproate.

  • Cost of buying product is LOW
  • Cost of losing product and maintenance is HIGH

Make the Customer count.

  • Factors which your product will cover
  • Total benefits which your product would provide to your business
  • Amount of audience who would be convinced by your right decision
  • Every aspect which would get benefits from your product.

TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership )

This implies all the BENEFITS which you have to highlight while selling your product or performing a sale.

  • Expenses
  • Profit
  • New Customer
  • Brand Improvement
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Productivity
  • Business Scale
  • Market Share

Improve your product value so much that there is nothing left for client to ask, or to say no to the product.

3. Lead Scoring

This is one of the most important factors if you have to 10X your productivity.
Save time by scoring the clients according to their needs, behaviour and conversation.

Thermometer Close Approach

  • Relevant Customer.

Rate Every Customer on the Scale [ 1-10 ].
It determines :

  • Hot
  • Warm
  • Cold

Priorities your process, improve time management in an effective way by dealing with more relevant customers.

Sales qualified lead

Mark your customers :

  • Green – Potential Buyer ( Can be closed soon )
  • Yellow – Devote Extra time ( Willing to Buy )
  • Red – Dead for that Sales ( Not relevant at all )

This will improve your followup planning and help you achieve your targets very easily by focusing on relevant customers / clients.

4. AHT ( Average handling time )

Handling time refers to the duration of your sales call / conversation with the client.

Figure : AHT Formulae

Now if we take an example to understand,
Lets suppose our total talktime of the whole day is 10 hours, No. of meetings we have to do or did is 10 then AHT = 1hour.

Example : AHT

Set a Benchmark

  • Average talktime – 4 To 5 Minutes
  • Some customers – 10 Minutes
  • Some customers – 0 Minutes

More you Optimise your customers according to their needs, requirement and conversation , higher will be yours sales revenue .

Employee Training

  • Guidance on Low AHT
  • Record and Analyse Meetings / Calls
  • Provide all information before call
  • Recruit Employee who speak effectively
  • Monitor performance
  • Provide marketing material in Advance.
  • Provide important information in Advance.

5. Purchase action ratio

For getting the maximum benefits out of your advertisement,

Remember these four ” A’s “

  • Aware
  • Appeal
  • Ask
  • Act

Improve the results by :

  • Sales training
  • Content Re-marketing
    • Whatsapp
    • Infographics

6. BANT Sales technique

It is a proven successful sales strategy to recognise

Is the Client even worth spending time on? ( BANT )

  • Budget
  • Authority
  • Need
  • Timeline

Focusing on above four points will manage your time more effectively.

How BANT teaches me?

  • Key focus on sales qualified leads
  • Increase in sales effectiveness
  • Target common pain points
  • Target niche customers

7. Community partnership

Make your business friendly towards all community.

  • Bania Community
  • Jain Community
  • Caste
  • Religion
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Businessman
  • Profession

If you want to lift yourself
Lift someone else
Everyone is moving forward together
Then Success will take care of itself

By Dr. Vivek Bindra.

8. B2B MEDDIC Sales Technique

Now Let’s understand what does MEDDIC means.

MEDDIC Sales Technique

  • Metrics
  • Economic Buyer
  • Decision criteria
  • Decision process
  1. Economic impact to his business?
  2. Profit i can give to his business ?
  3. How much loss can i reduce?

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