10 to infinity is not crowdfunding, single leg, investment, roi or any chit fund company. It is a unique and intimating concept which already grabbed attention of all Indians.

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This company is LIVE on market with an amazing opportunity to earn different types of income.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Legalities
  3. Business plan
  4. Types of income
  5. Watch the complete video explanation

1. Overview

10 to infinity is a U.S.A registered company which is running from office in Hyderabad, India.

It is NOT a MLM Concept. Company is claiming to have 97% success rate.

10 to infinity information

Here you can earn whatever you want, sky is the limit. It is already running in 17 different companies with 9000+ paid members.

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Their compensation plan is patent by the company which means no other company can copy their business plan.

2. Legalities

10 to infinity certificate of incorp

Here is 10 to infinity certificate of incorporation and company is running with all the mandatory legal documents.

pan card

Here is company’s PAN Card with which company is working legally in Indian market.

automated plan

It is completely Automated system that means it works with automation and innovation.

3. Business plan

10 to infinity is carrying a business plan which is completely patent. No other companies can duplicate a business plan like theirs.

10 to infinity business plan

Joining amount

10 to infinity joining amount is 10$. It is a one time payment, after this you will only earn and not give anything.

10 to infinity joining amount

Here you can earn upto infinity that is with no limit and no capping.


Question is HOW?

Here you have to fill your HIVE. You have to share the plan with 2 people.

how to fill hive

Here three options are available for you.

  • You can help your 2 sponsors to make their 2 more personal sponsors each.
  • Or you can directly fill your hive by sponsoring your personal directs in the network.
  • Third option is you dont work at all. This system is also referred as monumatic marketing machines.
10 to infinity hive filling

What are the benefits of filling the HIVE?

Total earnings will be of 60$ from which 40$ you can directly withdraw.

Remaining 20$ will go in the system again where 2 slots of 10$ will be booked in the HIVE for you.

Here you understood HIVE income and Reward income.

4. Types of income

types of income in 10 to infinity

Here company is giving you 4 types of income.

  • HIVE income : $40/ HIVE.
  • Reward P.I.F : $20/HIVE
  • Good deed income : $40/Direct ( 1st HIVE )
  • Coded commissions : $5-$25 / CM
  • Matching bonus : 25% – 100% * CC
  • EPIC Bonus – Company Profits.

3. Good deed income

good deed income

When your direct will complete their HIVE individually then from each completion you will be rewarded $40.

10 to infinity hive income potential

In 1 month, if you complete 5 HIVE then you can earn $500.

Similarly for 6 HIVE : $640 and 10 HIVES : $1,200.

4. Coded commissions.

Here 5 types of memberships are available amongst you have to choose any one and upgrade your I.D.

Here after your joining in the subscription, from every new subscriber you will earn $5. Whether they are your direct referral or not.

So if you subscribe all channels with $40, you will get $5 from every new subscriptions. That’s why it is named as infinity income.

5. Matching bonus.

Matching bonus will be given by the company according to the above scenario.

On completing particular amount of members HIVE you will take entry in Bronze, Silver and Gold.

More the number of personal sponsors in the HIVE, greater will be the matching bonus and higher will be the earnings.

6. EPIC bonus.

To be eligible for this type of income you have to complete one HIVE.

You have to pay 10$ to enter EPIC global pool. Here you will get 6 entries automatically to complete your HIVE. Then you will earn $40 from which $ 10 again will re-enter in the system for slot in next pool.

Here total number of HIVES completed will be EPIC points. And as shown 20% Weekly Gross profit will be shared with you.

5. Watch the complete video explanation


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